March 11th, 2021

Gina (Book Two) - fireflys_locket

What's Next?

I'm still adjusting to being finished with Book Two. It's such a strange feeling. I'm still very nervous about how it will be received. But part of me feels a bit lighter now. Relieved. And free. Finally free after nearly three years of editing.

But with that freedom comes its own set of nerves. What do I do next? Do I take a break? Or start working on the next Magic Inc. book? (Technically, I already have, but...) What about my other WiPs? Do I try juggling projects like I used to? Or should I focus on one of the ones that might catch more interest?

The answer is probably all (or most) of those. I'm going to continue trying to follow my intuition and inspiration. This year was meant to be about freedom from pressure, and while I certainly haven't been perfect at that - and isn't striving for perfection a form of pressure anyway? - that mindset has served me and my mental health tremendously.

I'm thinking of giving away a few ebook review copies of Magic Inc. One & Two. Let me know if you'd be interested!