February 5th, 2021

Jane (Book One) - fireflys_locket

Friday Five

I decided to do a "Friday Five" for (I think) the first time. Here are some good things from my week!

1. Posted my January monthly favorites.

2. Had a great session with my therapist about my worth not being tied to how much I produce.

3. Had several inspiring conversations with other writers on Instagram! (At least two new posts will probably come out of those discussions. Stay tuned!)

4. Got through another Marvel movie on my long, long list for catching up with that fandom. (It was the first Captain America movie - yes, that's how far behind I am - and I think he's my favorite hero of this franchise so far!)

5. I *finally* finished editing a very emotional and stressful chapter of Book Two. And it honestly came together so naturally. I'm still scared of how others might judge this one, but at least *I* am finally truly happy with it.

Also, just in general, I've been vibing with so much music that fills me up creatively. And it's a great feeling. I couldn't be more thankful for all the music that comes into my life, which is why my monthly favorites often has a list of current favorite songs. My thoughts are usually words, but music makes me see visuals in my head. Bursts of colors and my characters in "music videos". I don't think it's quite synesthesia, but music does activate something in my brain that sometimes makes me see things so vividly.