May 6th, 2011

Gina (Book Two) - fireflys_locket


Life is full of surprises. Last week, I sort of made up with Christen. And this week, Grandma is more alert and focused on getting out of the hospital, not just moving on to Heaven. It's really amazing. She is acting a little confused, though, which bothers me. But we think it's a medicine thing... she's on so many. I guess only time will tell if she's really getting better. I'm still kind of scared to trust in it.

Yesterday, I also spent some time planting at Jan's house. I really didn't want to go at first, but it was beautiful day. I'm glad I was there. That house also feels relatively safe to me. It's easily a family home already, probably helped that I (just barely) remember back when my Great Aunt lived there. The flowers are gorgeous, but there's still plenty of room for more flowers. But be sure, Jan will have it full of lovely flowers in time. She's like a garden faerie. HeH.

Meanwhile, I've been able to get a bit of writing done in the last week. I wrote a chapter of Magic Inc. last Friday. And last night, I finally broke and started a new Degrassi fic. I've been watching so many great fan videos on YouTube, and it makes me want to write so much. ^_^; This time around, I was inspired by this video, and the idea of Julia being the one to live instead of Eli. The video is lightly femmeslashy, which is fine, though I have a slightly different idea for my story. It's also probably going to have a little supernatural twist at the end, which I wish I could leave as a complete mystery, but I have a feeling if it comes out of nowhere, readers won't be happy.

The structure of the story is going to be made up of mostly very short chapters (like a page or two), and every other chapter is Julia writing a letter to Eli as part of her therapy. It's another sort of abstract concept like Three Days. And I don't know if I'll stick to it. It seems like a lot of work to put into fanfiction. I think I'll at least need to wait until the DVDs come out before I continue because I want to follow all the Misfit scenes in the story. But anyways, that's my new crazy idea.

I stayed up too late writing. :/ It's taking time out of what I wanted to do last night and this morning. I haven't even taken a shower yet. Eek.