March 18th, 2009

Gina (Book Two) - fireflys_locket

The Playstation 3... mine. After lots of saving of money, and lots of searching for a backwards compatiable PS3... I got it! Hurray! I now have all current generation systems and handhelds. ^_^ But now, just wait, come E3... they'll start annoucing the next versions of everything, so I have to start saving all over again. ~_~; Please, no.

Ah, anyways, at this moment I only have LittleBigPlanet. Which is awesome. But that's it. And that's the only game I even know of that's out right now that I want. (Other than the downloadable Flower.)

So, for the last time for awhile, PS3 game recs, please? Keep in mind, I really don't like anything too violent. Far too sensitive.

Recommend here, please. Any other recs while there are also welcome. Thank you!

Also, do all girls get completely swamped by jerks on Home? I suppose I did expect it somewhat, but wow.