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Dreaming in Shadow

Dreaming in Shadow is not exactly my first original story, but it's the first one I loved enough that I decided right away that I wanted it to be my first published work. It started, as many of my story ideas, as a dream. It was December 24, 2003. I woke to a dizzying amount of details flooding my brain. Somehow I knew things that went along with the dream. It seemed weird at the time, but now... HeH.

Much of my work is inspired by other things, and DiS is no different. In fact, alongside the many Peter Pan references, the ending hides an inspiration from a fanfiction I was reading around that time. Oops. Blame the dream, not me!

Still, for the most part, this is based around a character a fair bit like me. Jodi Thompson is very easy to write. And DiS, as a whole, is the easiest story for me to write. It's relaxing, comfortable, and safe. Maybe that's why I've never let myself finish it? The farthest I've let myself get is perhaps a fourth of the way in. And that was during that first year. I've restarted with rewriting about 6 or 7 times, never even getting close to my farthest point.
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