Valerie Rutherford (fireflys_locket) wrote,
Valerie Rutherford

Writing Again!

Last week... was a strangely good week for me. Okay, so... nothing really happened, but I was in an above decent mood. Especially Thursday because it was warm. I was just about giddy that day. I got to have the window open for the first time in months. The fresh air was just intoxicating. And I wrote that day too.

For almost a year, I was doing pretty well with writing at least once a week, but I totally crashed around November. ~_~; Since then, it's been more like once every other week. (Not that I haven't been working on ideas in my head, I do that every day.) What with the GED and Christmas and all that. *Dies* But I've finally done two weeks in a row again! Hurray!

So, then I realized it's time to get back to my one journal post per week... though, maybe I should wait to push for that until I'm positive the writing is back to normal. ~_~; Oh, well... for now, I actually feel like typing sooo... ^_^

So, I've mentioned previously about wondering if anyone on my Friends List would be interested in reading my original stories. I still kind of want to try that, but... it's really hard for me to trust putting my novels online even under Friend's Lock. I'm super paranoid. ~_~; Plus, I always handwrite my stories. I have scanned in pages for my really close friends, but I hate typing. I won't do that until I finish handwriting most of the time.

But I have been willing to type prologues and summaries. So, maybe... is anyone really interested? If so, maybe I'll make a little Friend's Locked post talking some about the two stories I'm writing at the moment. (And by that, I mean writing literally, because I probably have 100 or so stories in development.)

Other than getting back to my writing, I've been playing lots Kingdom Hearts - Re: Chain of Memories (Is that how you write it? o.o; ) and Gaia Online's zOMG. HeH.
Tags: friends, kingdom hearts, livejournal, video games, writing

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