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NANA Manga Discussion Up Through Chapter 80

Intense spoilers. The post I promised...

It's always been emotionally hard for me to read NANA. I've shared a personal connection from the beginning because, like Hachi, I've lived through my life constantly falling in love. But it goes farther than that. Because I also have my Nana, my best friend, my friendship soulmate... and she is truly a lot like Nana... for better or worse.

My Nana, Christen... she knows about NANA. She calls me Hachi. Her connection with the Nana character is deep, despite not being the same kind of obsessive fan with the series as a whole. She... doesn't like how sad it is. So she's only seen the first 15 episodes or so of the anime, not read any of the manga. (She's also not the biggest anime person, though she has liked some before.) And she loves
Nana and Ren. 

So... now that Ren is gone...

What do I tell Nana?

Maybe it seems silly for me to worry about something like this. But I am worried. Should I tell her or let her find out on her own? I... just don't know. She will be... upset. I know this. So I waited after hearing rumors of the chapters I had not read. It didn't seem for sure. Because it couldn't be.

Only, of course, it could...  it's NANA. The best example of
Lovely Despair that I know.

But I should go back farther than this, shouldn't I?

Hachi and Nobu still have a
chance. I'm convinced... 

And I love
older Hachi. Maybe because I feel like I can relate to her even more now... now that she sems more reserved (and... depressed). Not that I'm not silly and even a bit materialistic at times. But the younger Hachi's biggest difference to me is that she was usually fairly cheerful. *Sighs* Isn't it sad, though? Poor depressed, older Hachi. You'd be better off a little less like me.  

As random as it sounds, I'm very glad that Hachi and Miu became friends. I love Miu, and I've worried for her. Although now we've seen that she at least makes it into the future. Plus their friendship lead to pretty, symbolic things like
Hachi and the fishtank. I love Ai Yazawa's use of words with objects... and also words from a character talking about something else while you're seeing different things that could also relate to the words. (Example! <3) 

Does anyone else think that Kurada has fallen love with (or at least has some sort of feelings for) Hachi? First (although it's actually later in the timeline), he
lied about Nana still being alive. And I always sort of wondered if that was why. Then, he sent the proof of Nana being alive to Hachi. Then, this part, I think is very telling.

Honestly, I could ship this series all over the place... but Hachi just has to be with Nobu (the Morgan of NANA).

I am avoiding Ren's death, aren't I? ~_~ It's so hard to deal with, but I can't say I didn't see something tragic like this coming. Especially with the way Nana and Ren were connected with Sid and Nancy.

One thing I do want to point out is that... I don't hate Reira, and I don't understand why people blame her for everything. Yes, Ren was going to see her... but did she not leave partly so that Ren could rest in the first place? It's not as if she demanded that he come for her. Reira is flawed, yes... but so is everyone else.

So, that's all I can deal with right now. *Sighs* I'm still stuck with my sad question... But I suppose on the good side I now have 5 NANA fanfiction ideas (that I'll probabaly never write...) and also 6 fanvideo ideas (which I will probably never make, because I don't even know how, but I can see them in my mind perfectly).

PS: I'm still the linking princess.

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