Valerie Rutherford (fireflys_locket) wrote,
Valerie Rutherford

NANA Inspired Jewelry

So, it should be well known by most who read this journal, but I'll say it anyway... I really adore NANA. And I associate myself with Hachi to a, sometimes, alarming degree. That in itself could probably be a post someday! (Maybe some other time...) But today, I've come with a few pictures of my NANA (and NANA inspired) jewelry. Mostly Hachi stuff.

Warning... pictures of me under the cut... shield your eyes.

So, my search for Hachi jewelry started. With the ring she wears a fair bit (mostly in the beginning).

It's a very simple heart ring, as you can see. Obviously, not something worth producing like Nana's crazy armor ring. HeH. But I am Hachi... not Nana. I needed a Hachi ring.

Pretty close, don't you think?

And well, being that I love jewelry, the moment I saw older Hachi with a necklace, I had to have it...

Here's the first ebay that popped up when I typed in "treble clef" under jewelry.

...perfect. <3

So, now here's a picture of everything I consider Hachi jewelry including lots of random strawberries.

Actually the top necklace one might be more Reira-ish considering her and Takumi were on the package. And at that link, does anyone get why the boxed necklace would have anything to do with NANA? It's pretty, of course... but no Vivienne Westwood symbol, no strawberries, it doesn't look like anything I've seen in the manga. I'm still stumped. Well, anyways...

Also, my Mommy made jewelry out of the NANA cell phone charm. You can see the original state of it at that link again. I don't look very happy in this picture, do I? Because I just kept trying and trying to get it right. HeH. ~_~; I know, I know, I'm ugly... but come on, the jewelry is awesome.

Strangely enough, I already had a piece of "Misato" inspired jewelry in my collection from before I even read NANA...


A ring with a bow on it? Why not... it's cute! ^_^

So, anyways... I hope you enjoyed my collection so far. Hehe. (^o^)/

Here's my Hachiko smile to bid you farewell...

Don't ask me why exactly I consider it that... I have no clue, myself.

But I love older Hachi.

PS: I am caught up with the manga now. ...*heartbreaks* Uh, I will make a post about it... eventually, but if you want to ask me what I thought of such and such, feel free to ask here.
Tags: anime, fandom, manga, nana

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