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Favorite Fanworks List/Fanworks Recommendations

This is the place to find a list of my favorite fanworks from all across the web. Also, feel free to make recommendations of any fanworks (of fandoms I'm interested in) that you think I'd like in a comment.

I used to spend so very much of my time reading and writing fanfiction. Though that time has passed, I still love quality fanworks and this will be the place where I list them.

Please feel free to recommend me fanworks you think I'd like from any of my fandoms. Most fanfiction has a summary, so please provide that or your own description. I upset very easily, so please do not recommend me anything intensely violent without the appropriate content warnings. Thanks!

Favorite Pairings:
Harry Potter - Draco/Hermione, Harry/Luna, James/Lily, Harry/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Draco/Luna, Severus/Lily, James/Narcissa.
NANA - Nobu/Hachi (this one tends to be absolute), Takumi/Reira, Ren/Nana, Shin/Reira.
Degrassi - Eli/Clare, J.T./Liberty, Adam/Fiona, Adam/Becky, Fiona/Imogen, Alex/Paige, Jake/Clare, Sav/Anya, Sean/Emma, Sean/Ellie.
Saint Tail - Asuka Jr./Meimi.
InuYasha -  Kagura/Sesshomaru, InuYasha/Kagome.
Kingdom Hearts - Sora/Kairi, Roxas/Namine, Riku/Kairi.
Final Fantasy X - Tidus/Yuna, Shuyin/Lenne.
Shadow Hearts - Yuri/Alice.
Persona 4 - Kanji/Naoto, Chie/Yukiko, Yu/Ayane.
The Legend of Korra - Tahno/Korra, Korra/Asami.
Hey, Arnold! - Arnold/Helga.
Rise of the Guardians/Frozen - Jack Frost/Elsa.

Favorite Fanworks:

Harry Potter:

Hermione's World by Mena Baines
Val's Notes: My first fanfiction experience. It still remains one of my very favorites. Harry/Hermione.

Playing with a Dragon's Fire (Link Unavailable) by Lafeemechante
Summary: There is only one rule in the game of seduction...Never fall in love.
Val's Notes: One of the stories that got me into Draco/Hermione. A beautiful fanfic.

Jenny (Link Unavailable) by Lafeemechante
Val's Notes: The first Harry/Ginny story that helped me start to like the couple. The writer never finished, but it was a great story, regardless.

The Fires of Beltane (Link Unavailable) by Sorercess
Summary: On one magical night of the year, can a certain professor affect the lives of two students, possibly changing the horrible destiny of one of them?

The Ghosts of Samhain (Link Unavailable) by Sorercess
Val's Notes: The abandoned sequel to The Fires of Beltane.

In Our Next Lives (Link Unavailable) by Sorceress
Val's Notes: One of two side stories to The Fires of Beltane. This one was Sirius/Narcissa (before they were known to be related).

Heart of the Wolf (Link Unavailable) by Sorceress
Val's Notes: The second side story to The Fires of Beltane. A Remus/OFC fic.

You Gotta Breathe by Kyra
Summary: Hermione is brutally attacked by Voldemort and left barely alive, leading to a mission of revenge by Harry, Ron... and Malfoy?
Val's Notes: Be forewarned that this story starts in a very dark place. Sexual abuse trigger warning.

Sometimes When We Touch by Kyra
Summary: 7th Year, Sequel to You Gotta Breathe. DMHG fic. Angst and trauma galore, for everyone. And I do mean everyone. Character death not in main pairing though.
Val's Notes: This fic has some of the most upsetting events you can think of. (Same warning as above.) It also has some of the most beautiful and romantic moments I've ever read.

The Ties That Bind by Kyra
Summary: Someone's got it in for Draco Malfoy. Nearly two decades ago he killed her mate. Now she has a secret weapon and fully intends to return the favor... with interest. DHr future fic, sequel to "You Gotta Breathe" and "Sometimes When We Touch"
Val's Notes: Another mix of agony and beauty. If you can handle it, there are some lovely moments in this as well.

Quiet Revolution by streetscribbles
Summary: When Hermione discovers Draco is still walking within the walls of Hogwarts, long after the world thought he was dead, she finds that she has no choice to help him and that saving him might be the one thing that saves her.
Val's Notes: A Work-in-Progress that I'm hoping will continue. One of very few stories that I'm actually following.

If You've a Ready Mind (Link Unavailable) by Maya
Val's Notes: Following Draco through the books as a Ravenclaw. An absolutely beautiful story which manages to make you laugh all the way through, even while making you cry, sometimes. I heard about this story on an old episode of SpellCast, leading me to an idea of my own long before I actually read the fic.

Harry Potter and the Psychic Serpent by Barb
Summary: In Harry's fifth year he gets a snake with the Sight. Hermione's torn between Ron and Harry, who's torn between her and Ginny, who's torn between him and Draco Malfoy, who's torn between her and loyalty to his father. Plus: a Prophecy, Animagus training, a Dueling Club, Snape's Penseive, kilts, giants, house elf liberation and more!
Val's Notes: An epic story written about Harry's 5th year before Book 5 came out. If you'd like to read a story written in the style of the actual Harry Potter books, this may be the fanfic for you! If you don't mind Harry/Hermione, that is.

The Legend of Korra:

break the ice by therentyoupay
Summary: A dance is a dance, except when it isn't. — Tahno/Korra.

but we're still so cold by therentyoupay
Summary: She decides that she isn't the type to run away from her problems. — Tahnorra, with a little side of Makorra, Borra, & Masami. Sequel to "break the ice."

gray skies ahead by therentyoupay
Summary: Gray skies and blue eyes and everything in between. Sequel to "but we're still so cold."
Val's Notes: You need to read this story. Okay, maybe that's a bit too forceful. But therentyoupay has single-handedly made me love this couple and renewed my waning interest in fanfiction as a whole. I can't say enough good things about this fic.

That One Night by therentyoupay
Summary: What's more fun than five different love triangles? When half the people don't even realize that they're in them. — Tahnorra, grad school!AU; in which Tahno knows a lot about swamps, Korra becomes his intern, and general chaos ensues. Collection of gift!fics for tumblr followers, all inspired with the prompt: "That one night..."
Val's Notes: This story can be funny and touching at the same time. I'm not even sure you need to be familiar with the show to enjoy this.

Personal Record by therentyoupay
Summary: The life and love of running, autumn, and high school cross-country. — Tahno/Korra, Mako/Korra, Mako/Asami, one-sided Bolin/Korra. AU.

Rise of the Guardians/Frozen:

at the center by therentyoupay
Summary: Legends and fairy tales, magic and myths, and—at the center of it all—a story of a young, future-Queen and her young, ageless-Guardian; a girl cursed with fear and a god frozen in time, and all of the reasons why seeing isn't always at the heart of believing. {A dash of angst, a touch of fluff, and a whole lifetime of pain and love and hope, all spiraled into a series of drabbles, ficlets, and one-shots; an on-going Jelsa fanfiction of—literally—epic proportions.}
Val's Notes: Another very long fic that I'm very behind on. But I'm enjoying catching up so much. And every time I read, it makes me want to write Magic Inc.

check the pipes for frost ; by therentyoupay
Summary: A series of correspondence from two people who probably would never have known each other at all, if not for Anna’s terrible organizational skills. Postcards, letters, e-mails, and texts, and—somewhere, in between all the lines—attraction. Maybe. Neither of them have exactly ever done this before.
Val's Notes: I love this fic sooo much. Every chapter made me both giggle uncontrollably and cry. (I'm an emotional person.) And the last few chapters got to me in a way I wasn't even expecting. I'm going to hold out hope for an epilogue. Because, yeah. You'll see. Not sure how a story could end more perfectly and yet make me desperate for more.

the occasional midnight journey ; by therentyoupay
Summary: (Because Elsa is someone who likes to be prepared, who likes to know what kind of problem she is dealing with before she confronts it; Elsa knows nothing about the particular causes of his sleepwalking, only the symptoms, and cares not for actually solving it, per se, because she is not qualified for that sort of thing, but after thirty-six articles from Google and four books from the campus library, she is actually starting to feel slightly better about walking a relatively unconscious young man in a hooded sweatshirt back to his apartment in the middle of the night. Perhaps.)

not in so many words ; by therentyoupay
Summary: For Elsa—lessons contain phrases like arranged marriages, contain discussions of the complexities of navigating a political world where alliances are built first and foremost on the precious ink that no one is ever willing to share; where the marks on one’s body can sing and screech like a weapon in the wrong hands, wrong minds, wrong kingdom, wrong bargainer; where destiny can be altered as leverage, can be made into sacrifices in the shape of cunning betrothal. A world, where, somehow, there are some words that were never intended to lie, and still the ravenous twist them, taint them, curl them for their own. The lessons on arranged marriages are perfectly perfunctory, of course. With things as they are now, her parents would never agree to such a thing. It’s for the best, that her words have not yet appeared; for the better, perhaps, that she should never receive them at all. Meanwhile, Jack's words hint that he may or may not possibly be under the divinely destined threat of future jail time. — In which Jack and Elsa are soulmates, but it might take a few centuries for them to get there. {Jack/Elsa;Soulmate AU}

Hey, Arnold!:

Christmas in Brooklyn by Mena Baines
Summary: " ... She was still Helga and he was still Arnold: the enemies, the lovers, the eternal paradox..."
Val's Notes: A strong inspiration for one of my original stories. (Though I'm not telling which!) It's hard to believe that fanfiction of a cartoon could be so amazing.

Ribbons/Hair/Never/There by Mena Baines
Summary: Helga and Arnold meet at Eugene's wedding, ten years after the cruel circumstances that split them apart. Helga reveals a secret, and its not what you may think.

Stalling by Mena Baines
Summary: After graduation, Helga spends her last night in town with Arnold.

Saint Tail:

Past Influences by Stirling Twilight
Val's Notes: My favorite Saint Tail fanfic. The author has lots of other great ones, too.

Signed, Anonymous by Enchanted Pink Jade
Summary: Meimi and Asuka start writing to each other in a diary Meimi lost and he found, their identities, concealed. Will Meimi realize in time who she's pouring her heart out to? But if he finds out first....

Kingdom Hearts:

Maiselph (Link Unavailable) by Aniiston
Val's Notes: The fanfiction that inspired me to try Final Fantasy. I fell in love with Yuna, and it made me seek out her game. An excellent fanfiction.

The Sims:

Strangetown, Here We Come by strange_tomato
Summary: Strangetown, Here We Come is my interpretation of the Maxis neighbourhood, Strangetown, which attempts to stay true to the characters as they are presented by the game, at least initially. It involves all of the characters in Strangetown in some capacity, and sometimes features cameo appearances from characters in other Maxis neighbourhoods too.
Val's Notes: I adore this story. It's not only my favorite Sims story, but it's a story I'd recommend to any fans of visual storytelling. But certainly, if you have any interest in premade sims stories, you should read this one. These interpretations have resonated with me so much, that I find myself playing my sims in similar ways.

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