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Moving my Recommendations...

So, as a "Graduation" present, my Mother and Step Father got me an Xbox 360. ^_^ I'm really quite excited. After looking into games for it this summer, I found quite a few I thought looked good. I bought Eternal Sonata, Lost Odyssey, and Infinite Undiscovery to start with. I've only played Eternal Sonata so far, but I found it's a really easy switch between the PS2 controller and the Xbox 360 contoller. So that's good. Not that I was worried or anything, but I thought it might take a little while to get used to the controls since I've never even touched one before today. HeH.

Ah, anyways... this is normally where I'd ask for new recommendations, but... I've been thinking. Perhaps I should move them over to this journal instead? The only reason I started them over there was because I wasn't really using this journal at the time other than for communities. Asking for recommendations is more of a personal thing that would fit here rather than my creative community. Don't you think? Although... new recommendations do inspire me to be more creative, so it sort of works there... Haha. I'm really over-thinking this.

Should I move it? I've already saved all the emails from the posts I haven't gotten to yet. It's not not really an important move, but it has gotten cluttered over the past few years. Plus I've been meaning to make a fanwork recommendation page to go along with it... though that will actually take some work. ~_~; Hm, maybe I've answered my own question, though. This would give me a reason to work on everything. HeH.

Regardless, I'm doing pretty well for me. I got my diploma and... the shock is starting to wear off a bit. I'll try to catch up with everybody soon! Though, you know... new game system... <3 Haha.  

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