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Tomorrow is Saturday...

And tomorrow, I take the GED. I was going to make a bigger post about this, but I lost the courage. I can't think about this too much, or I will be sick. Honestly.

I can't wait until this is over. But it might not actually be over after tomorrow. Because I'll probably fail. Yeah, seriously.

But that's what has been going on to keep me from posting and such. Not that I've actually been studying that much. More just trying to distract myself from studying, which gives me migraines. And if I was to write an entry... I'd be thinking about it, and therefore, not distracting myself properly.

This is all just excuses.

But anyways, after tomorrow, I can finally focus on Christmas cards and other such more enjoyable things.

<3 Please think of me while I suffer tomorrow. ~_~;
Tags: anxiety, school

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