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Twilight Movie - Review

The Twilight movie comes out today. A lot of people are really excited about seeing Bella and Edward on the big screen. Others couldn't care less. Where do you fall on the issue?

Well, I almost went to a midnight showing. I actually really needed to get out because yesterday was a really terrible day for reasons I may or may not get around to explaining. I've been terrified of the movie sneaking closer and closer, because I was sure it was going to get ruined.

But it didn't.

That being said, I did have some issues with it. 

Biggest complaints... blood typing scene was completely gone. Not quite as important but something that I was really missing was the complicated way Bella had to get away from Alice and Jasper. I think they could have had time for both those things while still making it an acceptable length.

For the most part, everyone looked really good for their role. And I thought most of the acting was pretty good too. Lots of real lines from the book! Hurray! Although, in the unfortunate requirement for a movie to simplify, Edward was the who told Bella how vampires were made, as well as a few other things his character would not have told her.

Both Bella's parents were a tiny bit off. They weren't quite as overprotective as they should have been. Charlie was better than Renee. I thought Renee was a good generic flighty mom, but not quite right for her. I also thought she should have said, "I think that boy is in love with you." Just because I love that line so much. I don't actually think Bella and Edward ever did say they loved each other in the movie... besides the wonderful Lion/Lamb line. Edward did say, "You are my life now." But Bella didn't say she loved him before that. 

In terms of acting, I think Bella could have been a little stronger in the fight with Charlie, but other than that, I was happy with everyone's performances.
Strangely, Jacob told her the legend with more of a focus on the woves, and didn't explain that the Cullens were supposed to be vampires. Bella had to Google it twice before she figured it out. o.O; I also thought Angela said a couple of out of character things... ~_~; But maybe that's being really picky? I still thought she looked really sweet.

Most important scenes were present, though a little out of order or too close together. But at least they are there, right!? There are some really random scenes in there too ~_~; , but for some reason, now that the movie is over, I can't recall many. I guess that means the good overpowered the bad! The things Twilight does well, are done really well, I think. The romantic scenes are great, but my favorite scene might actually be the baseball scene. It's so fun. And the movie removed so much of the lightness, that it was really refreshing. So adorable! ^_^

There's more hinting at New Moon in the movie than in the book. Which I think is fine, considering Stephenie Meyer didn't know quite where she was going with the series yet, so she didn't have a chance. (Though the dream with Jacob turning into a wolf kind of did it for her, huh? Haha.) Edward actually calls Jacob a wolf at the end. HeH.

All and all, I'm just so relieved. It was much better than I was fearing. People who like Twilight but are scared of book to movie adaptations (like me) should at least try it. It's not perfect, but it's one of the better adaptations, in my opinion. Try enjoying it for what it is. I certainly did. 
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