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Secret Meme

Taken from jenthehen :

Here is a secret meme. If you want to know the questions, you have to do the meme! Only the answers to the meme are below the cut. Comment if you want to do the meme!

1. 13frozenflames 
2. muy_mal 
3. No one.
4. karma_in_a_box 
5. eskimo_kisses88 
6. colortheskyred 
7. inviere 
8. assaultedtruth 
9. shilohfire 
10. colortheskyred ?
11. Hachiko. Haha.
12. muy_mal 
13. inviere 
14. colortheskyred 
15. Not anyone, really. o.O;
16. fluffyfledgling 
17. lala_lia 
18. muy_mal 
19. jenthehen 
20. yuliee 
21. ???
22. ???
23. No one... well, at times muy_mal 
 24. Hopefully no one! o.O;
 25. inviere 
 26. Absolutely no one. And I wouldn't try. ~_~;
 27. Pinning one person doesn't quite fit here.
28. 13frozenflames 
29. Morgan. <3
30. I'm afraid I wasn't very good at this. o.O; I tried to use as many people as I could. Not sure how it all fits, but you'll have to ask to find out! :P

Coming soon:
More animal pictures!
NANA collection pictures!
Back to normal posting... I hope!
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