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As soon as I walked into the room this morning, Seth asked, "Who's Natalie?"


Ever since I took Natalie to that basketball game, she's been "in love" with Bryan and Mike and developed an interest in my class/school in general. I didn't think it would matter at first but then she started talking to them.

Well, anyways, he also called me Moose three times. I must say I enjoyed it. A blast from the past!

Still, there were horrors for later in the day. Namely... Mallory.

Ever since just before Christmas, she and I have been on almost good terms. It's very odd I must say. I remember when we were in third grade playing with Beanie Babies (and Jewel, my Dalmatian plushie from the non-animated 101 Dalmatians movie) and talking about the Lion King. Oh, yes... and Titanic. Shannon, Mallory and I. That's terrifying to think about.

But, then in 4th grade things got rotten. I suppose they always were rotten... I was just too young, too happy to have anyone be my friend at the time.

But, anyways, how we got on speaking terms was interesting. I was working, as always on Lily and the Coral Orb, when she, Jenna, and a few others approached popsicles in their hands. I prepared myself for the worst. With Jenna and Mallory, there was always trouble.

I don't remember exactly what was said (I wasn't keeping a diary yet). But, she was asking about my story. She was a Harry Potter fan, too. I was suspicious, of course, but when she asked to read something of mine, I reluctantly gave her the address.

Nothing happened for a while. Then on December 24, I got this email...

"HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! That story with dean is soooo funny!! What the heck was that hermione loves harry was awefully short! I liked your ideas about the coral orb and stuff, and those magical witches names..i dont remember them..but o well! You have neat stories...maybe i should write some! hehe, you've "inspired" me to, how funny! Are you working on anything new? im a HUGE hp fan too! Ive only seen the movie 3 times though, lol! OK, well, i just thought i'd compliment your work and see if you're wrighting anthing , or publishing anything any time soon! Thanks for giving me the address!
~Mallory...from school, hehe!"

I was... shocked. Very shocked. But, somehow, that bridged a makeshift friendship between us. Funny.

But back to today. We were in the cafeteria because of this stupid king and queen thing. Mallory was talking about who would be the king and queen of our year. She mentioned Dean and I. Everyone found this funny. Save me, of course. It made me very ill. Nothing could be worse, I thought...

"Or you and Seth"

I nearly fainted. I looked at her, shaking. Did she... know something? I didn't think I could bear it if she figured it out. If she didn't have a clue at that point, she definitely saw something in my eyes.

"I think you like him."
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