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So, I've been cleaning out my computer for AGES. Seriously, a long time. And I had a perfectly good second 300 Gig hard drive that I was being too stubborn to use. But then I had dream telling me to use it. Haha. That's honestly what prompted me to do it.  I was cleaning since March... and doing little else. Honestly. That's why I haven't been attentive to my Friends List. I'm so sorry. I'm normally so quiet anyways, I wonder if anyone actually cared? ~_~;

But now I'm done with cleaning! And free! Too free... I don't know what to focus on. 

My Dreaming in Shadow notebook is falling apart so that's kind of my first priority. To rewrite that. And not use a silly Tinkerbell notebook that's going to fall apart. Haha. It's funny but sad, because I promised myself that would be the last time I started DiS over by hand. I guess it's a good thing, though... I did my last rewrite of the prologue before October. Before my strong inspiration wave overtook me. And I discovered it needed some work again. Surprise, surprise. I guess it's best to take care of it now. 

That prologue has always driven me crazy... it's so hard to have to constantly write so vaguely. Only use "the girl" and "the girl's mother". Uggh. But that's how it must be. Anyways, I worked really hard editing the first page. I found that I'm cutting a lot of sentences out and blending lots together. I suppose that's what editing is... stupid Valval. I guess I'm just surprised because I thought I was done working on it. But after I did the first page with lines through all kinds of stuff, I sort of lost my vibe and gave up to dooddle on the bottom of the page. Haha. And I never do stuff like that. Only when I really can't focus. Which is rare.

Then, I tried out my Sims for the first time in months and found I was having issues. I figured out the problem, but I'm still frustrated. 

Theeeen... I devoured two whole volumes of NANA. I've read up through volume 18 now! ^_^ My mind is buzzing about with a million thoughts about 17 and 18, but I read so much at once that I can't keep myself on one topic in particular yet.

Actually... that's what this post seems like... I don't usually have so many different things in one entry. o.O; I'm really all over the place. My apologies.

Also! My Nana made a NANA video! (^o^)/

Coming Soon:
Zoo Pictures! I went for the first time since I was really little. HeH. 
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