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My Dearest Shin-chan...

Fairly recently, yuliee convinced me to read Takumi's Story even though I'm not that far yet. And I fell totally in love with Takumi/Reira. Seriously. And I get obsessive about stuff. Especially NANA. But anyways, in the back of my mind I thought, "Poor Shin." Didn't really stop me from loving them, though. HeH.

Even more recently, though, I've been continuing my NANA marathon, and I just feel so bad for Shin. I suppose, being Hachi, that I'm having those motherly feelings for him. HeH. Which has lead me to think a lot about Hachi and Shin's relationship in the series. We start getting a better look at it when Hachi tells Shin about the baby, but I think they already really cared about each other. Shin reacts very strongly (and awesomely!) when Takumi tells them he slept with Hachi. I'm sure it has to do with being friends with Nobu, as well. And then, Shin explains to Nobu that Hachi cares for him without wanting anything in return. That's why he cares about her.

Hachi and Shin continue a mother and son relationship that's just so sweet! ^_^ When Hachi goes to wish him happy birthday, it makes me so teary. (Not that it's a rare thing...) I seriously love it. And the fact that it comes right after Takumi tells him to stop seeing Reira. Aw, he really needed that hug.

I think it's a beautiful friendship.

And that's part of what I love about it. A strong relationship doesn't have to be romantic in the slightest. I think people have a hard time grasping that sometimes. Goodness, even I do. It's part of what fandom is all about. So, I've been thinking about Hachi/Shin... but the more I think about it the more I want to write something pretty and platonic about them. That's just the way they are. And of course, I can't honestly want Hachi with anyone but Nobu.

So, then, what happens to my dearest Shin-chan? :(

I love Takumi/Reira, but... I really did love Shin/Reira before that. Now, I'm just confused. And obviously, thinking about it way too much. But I feel guilty for wanting Takumi/Reria now, when that leaves poor Shin alone. Jill's been watching NANA now, and she suggested Misato for Shin. But despite the serious moment they had, I just can't see it. And I just can't see Misato in love with anyone but Nana. o.O;

*Sighs* I really need to catch up with NANA scanlations, but it's just so emotionally hard on me. ~_~; But I keep getting myself spoiled anyways. I honestly need to just do it. Maybe if fluffyfledgling can catch up to me soon, I really will continue on with her. ^_^ It's easily when someone else if doing it with you. <3 And more fun with people to talk about it with!


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Aug. 3rd, 2008 05:29 am (UTC)
I feel kind of sorry for Shin, too -- though it's kind of clear as to how his relationship with Reira got started. She was lonely and probably intrigued by the way he stood up to Takumi, and he was a prostitute probably intrigued by her resemblance to the woman that raised him... Now, did they love each other? I think so. Definitely.

But think back to Takumi's threat and Reira's consequent decision to break it off: She mentions being with Shin is potentially harmful to her reputation, and she ultimately chooses her job over him. But why?

Thing is, Reira doesn't actually care about her career, business-wise, and this is pretty evident when she's bitching to Takumi a while back on selling his marriage for the press. She wasn't concerned about the fans or their reaction to both eligible bachelors in the band getting paired off (though she tries to cover up with it) -- she was trying her hardest to get him to call off the marriage.

"Oh, I get it now. So it's okay if I don't get married, right?"

He's tried to act blind to the situation, but he knows. I find it interesting in the anime that, instead of following the manga panel where he goes on to describe it as 'being in the script of a good drama', the scene ends as soon as he makes the remark. There isn't much hinting to their past in the anime, but it's little things like that that people miss.

Now, what I think? What this really came down to in her head was a decision between her career (her only real tie to Takumi) or her lover. Ultimately, she chose the career. Ultimately, she was choosing Takumi. So, of course it makes sense to feel bad for Shin, because he was basically just used by her.


Now I feel really bad for him. ._.;; Jeez. I dunno, he definitely deserves some happiness after all that, but I just can't see it coming from Reira, despite how much they related to each other. (Given the most recent installments, things might just be looking up for them, but the future tense doesn't really blend well with the present...)
Aug. 3rd, 2008 03:33 pm (UTC)
Yes, I absolutely agree. I think they really did love each other. And they needed each other at that time. But obviously, Reira chose Takumi (and even Yasu at one point...) over Shin. I love Reira, and I don't hate her for it. She was taking care of what was most important to her. But I feel terrible for Shin. Because in spite of asking for Yasu when Shin was ready to do anything for her, he comes back and plays her the Layla song. Because he really did love her. And maybe even realized she needed him then, when she didn't even know it.

I agree also that it doesn't seem likely that his happiness would come from Reira anymore. I'm just at a loss of who, at this point, he could be with. And that's me, in my Hachi-ness, saying that you could only find happiness in romantic love. Which, of course, isn't true. Everyone needs different things. Maybe Shin just needs the strong support of a family. Although... I can't help but hope he finds romantic love too. That's just how I am.
Aug. 3rd, 2008 03:35 pm (UTC)
On a less serious note, did you see the silly Hachi thing I made in the first link? Haha.
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