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Currently: Yoshi's Crafted World & Revolutionary Girl Utena

This past week was really stressful, so having something whimsical and sweet to enjoy has been wonderful! Playing Yoshi's Crafted World just brings a smile to my face, in a way that few things do, if I'm being honest.

On the other hand, I've also become so fascinated with the increasingly dark and surreal story of Revolutionary Girl Utena. Some parts I remembered, but others caught me off guard, and there's a depth to the symbolism that I feel like I missed when I first watched it some time ago. I think I'm going to binge some theory/concept videos when I'm done, because I need to deep dive this time to truly get the most out of it.

So, those are two of my current favorites a little more in depth. What are you currently obsessing over? What has your heart and mind lighting up? Follow those feelings!
Tags: anime, fandom, nintendo, video games

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