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October 2021 Favorites

I took a social media break this month, but I have lots of favorites to share! 💕

Doki Doki Literature Club: I fell down the theory rabbit hole on this seemingly cute horror game again. I initially dismissed the Switch port as being a lesser version of the game, but the virtual desktop hides many secrets. The Game Theorists took me on a journey, and I'm both fascinated and disturbed with where the secrets are leading. (Please, check with the potential triggers on this one!)

Yoshi's Crafted World: As a direct opposite to DDLC, Yoshi's Crafted World is just as cute as it appears on the outside. It's a fairly simple game, which might be a turn-off to some, but its true value is in the pure creativity of the atmosphere. Everything is made out of craft materials!

Kingdom Hearts: I'm trying to complete proud mode in all the Kingdom Hearts games. I spent a lot of time with the first game, then took a huge break right before the end. But now I'm on to Chain of Memories. It's mostly to keep me busy while I listen to podcasts and audiobooks, but it's been a nice change from Spelunky 2.

Revolutionary Girl Utena: I'm enjoying this anime about a girl trying to be a prince and fighting for the freedom of the Rose Bride even more the second time around. While there are some overly silly parts, the main story has many emotional turns and the atmosphere has a touch of surrealism. And I'm realizing one of my stories may have taken a bit of inspiration from its narration!

Words on Bathroom Walls: I enjoyed the movie even more than the book. The visual effects added to the story, and the romance was more developed. The plot was very different, aside from a few key points, and there were some things I missed. But for the most part, I felt closer to the characters in the movie than the book. (Watch on Prime Video.)

The Sims 2: My new-to-games cousin got completely sucked into The Sims 2 during her last visit. And that just fueled my own love for the game once again. I've also been posting more on my Simblr!

Music Favs: Drought & Eric's Song (Vienna Teng), Hourglass (LANNDS), White Lightning (Madi Diaz), The Knife (Kyla La Grange), To Belong (Broods), Kings and Queens (Marie Digby).
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