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August 2021 Favorites

Lately, I've been in the destruction phase of the rebirth cycle. That hasn't been pleasant. But at least these favorites have kept me company this month.

Words on Bathroom Walls (Book): The writing and style of this book were sometimes too edgy for my taste. But there were parts that resonated with me so deeply. I related to Adam's fears of losing control of reality and being a burden on those he cared about. Sections of the book hit me straight in the heart and shook me to my core. Voices he heard felt so familiar to me in their violence and self-hatred. I couldn't help relating to this character who otherwise was very different from me. That's the magic of fiction.

Wolves of Mercy Falls: I fell in love with the first in this series pretty much instantly. The premise of a werewolf guardian hooked my heart, the writing was very much my style, and the characters and their relationship were easy to fall in love with. Sam, especially, drew me in with his soft sad boy vibes, poetic internal dialogue with lyrics interspersed, tragic past, and pained future. The way the two shifted so quickly into a romance might be off-putting for some, but to me, their bond had been quietly building since they were children. And with so little time to share with each other before Sam's last change, the desperate and emotional way they held onto each other was heartbreakingly real to me.

Once and Again: This beautiful show with its emotional vulnerability has been my therapy this month. The many feelings it evokes have been one of the only things to distract me from my own sadness at its worst.

New Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh: I finally started rewatching this childhood favorite. Aside from the nostalgia tears, this series provides some lovely themes and "lessons". Donkey for a Day is a beautiful episode about being imaginative while depressed. And the episodes with Rabbit and Kessie are so heartfelt. (Watch on Disney+)

Music Favs: Destroyer (Phantogram), Dancing in the Dark (Madi Diaz), Hold My Hand (The Fray), Through to You (Glades), Love (Lana Del Ray), Strong & Hey Now (London Grammar), Happier Than Ever (Billie Eilish), Easy (Camila Cabello), You Haunt Me (Liz Longley), Never Dream Alone (Ashlee Simpson).
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