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Shuffle Time (August 2021)

I've decided to do this once in a while whether I've been tagged or not!

Rules: Shuffle your favorite playlist or your entire music library and list the first 10 songs that come up. You're free to take this for your own site or blog as you please.

1. Daughter - Medicine
2. Adaline - Ghost
3. bLiNd - Blue Skies (feat. Ashleigh Coryell)
4. Taylor Swift - Illicit Affairs
5. Brynn Andre - Devil
6. Seal - Kiss from a Rose
7. Jerry Martin - 8x10 Glossy
8. Miley Cyrus - Adore You
9. Fifth Harmony - Who Are You
10. Natalie Merchant - Kind and Generous
Tags: fandom, final fantasy, music, surveys, the sims, video games

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