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March 2021 Favorites

Well, I'm no longer a one-book-wonder! And I feel more like an author now that I have two books released. Of course, with that, comes the potential for more pressure and stress, but let's unpack that later. It's favorites time!

To All the Boys Series: I'm not the biggest rom-com person. I don't have a particular affinity for fake dating. But from the first book, to the first movie, and a listen to the audiobooks, I've been very invested in Lara Jean's story. I've now read all of the books and watched all of the movies. And while the second book was a bit of a disappointment for me, I loved how the series ended. I've appreciated Lara Jean and her introverted nature, love of family, and "quirky" cuteness. The books and movies have been a bit of a comfort read/watch over the last few years. The last book had a wistful, nostalgic feel that made me wish I'd had a senior year, graduation, or promising future (that anxiety stole away from me). But even the sad parts were sad in exactly the right way, fitting Lara Jean's character. Hope always shining through. (Watch on Netflix.)

Clannad (Anime): About ten years ago, I watched Clannad (and After Story), and fell completely in love with this sweet and sad anime. The characters are wonderful, and their stories are often very moving by the end of their arc. I did leave some of the less-compelling arcs out of my memory, but as a whole, Clannad is still a fantastic anime, and that last quarter of the show is still as heartbreaking and beautiful as ever. (Watch on Netflix.)

OCRemix: I've always been a fan of video game music, and I've collected a lot of soundtracks over the years. Game remixes have come onto my radar now and again, particularly the Final Fantasy VII: Voices from the Lifestream album OverClocked Remix put out years ago. But lately, I've been exploring more of the excellent remixes the site has to offer! (Current favorites are "Aqua Wave" from DKC and "Above the Rising Falls" from Kingdom Hearts!)

Other Music Favs: Nite Swim (Luna Shadows), Stitches (Mr. Little Jeans), Give You Up (Dido), Colors (Halsey), Sober (Lorde), Last Forever (Echosmith), Feel Alive (Katie Herzig), The Lakes (Taylor Swift), and *anything* by Kina Grannis!
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