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 So, I love video games. A lot. I'd like to think I know a fair bit about video games, and I'm definitely pretty passionate about video game issues.

I've been playing games since I was young, but I didn't get totally into them until I found Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. And after I left school, and I mean right after... in the not even getting out of bed stage, games were the first things that were able to take my mind off everything. The first things to break me out of my deep depression for a bit.

I started getting into the actual news and issues of video games in Fall of 2006. I had an account on GameSpot, just to use when I needed to look up anything game related. Occasionally, they would send me notices. They sent one in November the launches of the PS3 and Wii, which I was already super excited for, saying they would have camera crews there to film the launches live. I ended up watching both of them and learning that GameSpot had a weekly webshow about video games, On the Spot. Plus a podcast about video game news, The HotSpot. Both totally awesome shows.

I loved the guys who hosted the shows. They were funny and gave great, honest insight into games and games-related issues. But unfortunately... stuff went wrong. I was totally shocked. Now, I'll say right away that I still go to GameSpot occasionally, there are still some great guys working there, but I'll never be able to feel the same about it as a site. I was truly upset by the fact that one of my favorite hosts had been caught up in all that. Most other members of the staff were greatly upset as well. Some even decided to leave. Fortunately... there was a bright side. Jeff Gerstmann and Ryan Davis (mentioned in the previous links) decided to start a website,

I was so happy, but at the time, there wasn't much there. It was only yesterday that I was reminded to check in with the site, thanks to a comment on The Hot Spot page by Tor Thorsen. ("And again, if you hate this podcast, there's always the one named something like guys do a damn fine show too.") HeH. It's nice to know that the guys left picking up the pieces at GameSpot appreciate Jeff and what he's working on now. That's the only reason I still care about GameSpot in the least. But anyways, There's a podcast now and some fun videos, "How to Build a Bomb". HeH, again. I greatly encourage people interested in video games to check out the site. It's still rather small, but those guys are really working hard. I have no doubt that Giant Bomb will someday be my first place to look for anything game related. And man, I love those guys! <3

(PS: I apologize for my extreme use of links. I think I'm a bit obsessed with linking of late. And it's a lot easier than trying to explain things myself. ~_~; Sorry. Hopefully, they'll actually be of use to someone who reads this.)
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