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February 2021 Favorites

It's been a month of personal achievement but also deep loneliness for me. Maybe I'll go more into that later, but here are my monthly favorites.

It's Okay to Not Be Okay: This show features flawed characters dealing with past trauma in sometimes manipulative or destructive ways. However, if you can handle that, this K-Drama is a spectacular piece of art. The acting, the sets, the costumes, and the music are all gorgeous. There's a Tim Burton meets fairy tales feel. A dark children's fairy tale author meets a caregiver for a psychiatric hospital, and they deal with their mutual past and past traumas together. And while I was initially put off by the female lead's behavior, I loved all three of the main characters and even the (sometimes) annoying side characters by the end of the show. It's a romance, mixed with a spooky thriller/mystery, with strong found family themes. And it definitely has some darkness and potential triggers (please check before watching), but I found it to be a fascinating and beautiful story of characters who have been through trauma and pain. (Watch on Netfilx.)

Avatar: GNs: I've been reading the Avatar: The Last Airbender graphic novels, I'm pretty impressed so far! The characters feel so geniune to the original show that I can hear the voice actors as I'm reading. The Search is the "must-read" of the ones I've finished. It was so beautiful in both art and story, and you can finally find out what happened to Zuko's mother! (Purchase from RightStuf.)

Nuzlocke: I've been catching up on J from SuperCarlinGaming's Pokémon Nuzlocke challenges on YouTube. It's a harder way of playing the games, and I get so attached to the Pokémon as characters while watching. It's definitely making me want to go back and continue my Shield save. (But I could never do a Nuzlocke and let my Pokémon "die". 😭)

Music Favs: Always You (Nick Broadhurst), New Day (Kate Havnevik), Translucent (Morgxn), Stay (Delerium), Don't Say Goodbye, Say Goodnight (Binocular), History & In the Waiting [Reimagined] (Kina Grannis), Potential Breakup Song [2020] (Aly & AJ), Up in Flames (Ruelle), Drunk (Ed Sheeran), and *anything* by Owsey!

What were your February favorites?
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