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Pulling Electricity (Out of the Air)

Inspiration is often treated like an outcast by the writing community. "Waiting" for inspiration is considered a major weakness. We're told "real" writers write even when they don't feel like it. That we have to push and force and "make it happen" to be successful. Otherwise, it's just a hobby, and we'll never get to where we want to be.

When I discovered how most other writers felt about inspiration, it hurt. I had spent so many years relying on it. Letting it carry me through work that felt sacred, emotional, and healing. Inspiration was life force flowing through me. It was magical. And I loved it.

That didn't mean I breezed through every obstacle with ease, or never struggled with self-doubt. Writing a novel takes a lot of work. (And not everyone has the drive to finish an entire book, or many.) We obsess over the idea of "hard work" in our culture. But does good work always have to be so hard? If you trust the process and take off some of that pressure, maybe not.

Yes, writing is work, and we should honor that. That creating art takes time and patience and showing up. But if we follow the flow of inspiration, follow our intuition, maybe it doesn't have to be so hard, so painful of a process.

For a while now, I've tried to reframe the idea of "waiting" for inspiration as "courting" inspiration. To seek out inspiration in everything you love. Books, movies, TV shows, video games. Anime and manga. Podcasts and videos. And my personal favorite, music. Stories and art fill up my creative well. They give me the flowing energy of vibrant visions. When I rely on this, I don't need to force anything. I call out for inspiration, invite it in, and then yes, I wait.

Focusing on being a lightning rod for inspiration instead of constantly producing content has helped me reconnect with my own natural magic. The ideas are flowing through me on their own. There are still parts of creating that will require more attention and work. But my electricity is leading me forward, and I'm letting it. Instead of trying too hard to direct its path.
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