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January 2021 Favorites

It's January monthly favorites time! Also known as: let me tell you a story about the one favorite I have this month.

Music Bee: So, I'm very set in my routines. When I find something that really clicks with me, I usually stick with it. Potentially forever. And I'm okay with that. I still love The Sims 2. Microsoft Word. Neopets. Still use my Hotmail address from 2002. And my LiveJournal from 2004. But sometimes (not always, but sometimes), there is something better waiting for you to move on. It's just the right time. Much like with the beloved flip phone I used for six years (2006-2012), it was well past time for an upgrade.

I'd been using Windows Media Player as the primary way to play my music files since I got my first computer in 2003. But I have amassed quite the collection of music over the years, and WMP couldn't seem to handle it anymore. After multiple corruptions of the WMP library over the last year, which resulted in way too much time and energy lost reloading all my files, I finally decided I had to move on. But I wanted to make sure I could replicate everything I had relied on WMP to deliver.

Music Bee was a program I'd tried briefly on a previous computer because I was struggling to get WMP to scrobble to (Yeah, I still use that, too.) But that problem was quickly fixed, so I rushed back to what I was familiar with before I really got a chance to try Music Bee out. Music Bee checked off a lot of essentials for me: syncing to (which it does more seamlessly than WMP), good auto-playlist options, visualizers, and the ability to handle a huge music collection.

I've been using it for a month now, and I can say that it has everything I wanted and then some. This is a great music player, and I absolutely recommend giving it a try if you need a way to play music files on your computer. It's free!

Music Favs: And for your Music Bee (or, you know, whatever streaming service you use), here are some of my music favorites from the month. Unfollow (Mr. Little Jeans), Invisible String & This Me Trying & Champagne Problems (Taylor Swift), One Last Time & Be Alright (Ariana Grande), Touch (Ghostly Kisses), Haunting (Jon McLaughlin).
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