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December 2020 Favorites

It's the end of a month. The end of a year. And I feel like I've been struggling against the wind for far too long. I'm tired. I'm ready to move forward on a different path. (But more on that in a later post.) I almost didn't write a monthly favorites for December, because I didn't have a lot of new things to mention and I've been working on a yearly favorites post instead. But now, you're getting both!

Soul: The newest Pixar movie was barely on my radar until right before it came out. While I liked Onward (their previous release), it didn't live up to the incredibly high expectations I have for films made by Pixar. I went in knowing very little about Soul, though after the first ten minutes I was pretty sure I understood where it was going. The movie has great style and humor, as Pixar movies often do. But what really got to me was the message. The visual interpretation of the voices in 22's head really affected me, because that's how I imagine the inside of my own head to be. Full of repeating echoes from the past, haunting me. Convincing me I'm worth nothing. I don't want to give much more away, but please watch this movie if you have any interest in Pixar or movies that seem lighthearted but are actually very thought-provoking. It's on Disney+!

Music Favs: Willow (Taylor Swift), Drive (Now, Now), Strange Relationship (Darren Hayes), Drift (CLAVVS), Lock Down & Frostbite (Delerium), My Enemy (CHVRCHES & Matt Berninger), Always in My Head (Coldplay), Miss You (Gabrielle Aplin), I Follow Rivers (Marika Hackman), Up All Night & I Found Love (Owl City), Adore You (Harry Styles).
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