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November 2020 Favorites

This month has been the most stressful and personally devastating of the entire year, or maybe the last few, which is saying something. But here are my prewritten monthly favorites. They still deserve a shoutout.

Livingston Girls (Briana Morgan): “Rose,” Charlie says. “We have to keep fighting. When witches don’t fight, we burn.” I've been following this book since before it was published. The witchy vibes had it high on my TBR. And once autumn arrived, it was exactly the kind of book I was craving! LG follows Rose, who transfers to Livingston Academy, an all-girls boarding school, after an incident with a teacher. She quickly finds herself getting pulled into her captivating (and somewhat irritating) new roommate's coven, and begins falling for her, too. Rose's struggles to fit into her new environment and figure herself out are very relatable. And I loved the strong girl-power and found-family vibes of the coven. I'm hoping for an eventual continuation and more time with these girls, but Briana also has some other spookier reads for those of you who are into horror! (Full Review Here.)

Music Favs: With all the stress, I've turned to music in my headphones a lot this month, particularly while reading and (yes, still) playing Spelunky 2. Some are not entirely my style lyrically (looking at you, Prague 😅), but they've all gotten stuck in my head more than once.

The Move (Jenn Champion), Nothing (Laureline), The 1 (Taylor Swift), Like the Way I Do [Pop Edit] (Cascada), Closer (Boyce Avenue & Sarah Hyland), Black Sun (Death Cab for Cutie), Stay (Hotel Apache), By the Throat (Chvrches), Dirty and Clean (Stephenie Schneiderman), The Difference (Nick Jonas), Prague (White Sea), Light On (Maggie Rogers), If I Knew How to Hold You (Andrew Belle).

I also want to recommend Briana's Livingston Girls playlist. I found some new favorites from it, too!

What are some of your favorites from this month? Keep enjoying art and media. Staying inspired is important in these stressful days, especially if you're an anxious creative like me! 💕
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