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Christen was messaged by a HatBot awhile ago, and she found themissinghat

Nana - aka Christen(7:10:51 PM): okay this is weird...this person is claiming they never imed me

fireflyslocket (7:11:06 PM): That's strange...

Nana(7:11:44 PM): yea

Nana (7:11:45 PM): really

Nana(7:11:55 PM): and i just googled their im name and weird shit came up

fireflyslocket (7:12:02 PM): o.O;

Nana(7:12:03 PM):

fireflyslocket (7:12:49 PM): Weeeird.

Nana(7:14:55 PM): this is weird

fireflyslocket (7:16:08 PM): Sounds like it.


fireflyslocket (7:16:14 PM): Huh??


Nana(7:16:26 PM): they're call hatbots

fireflyslocket (7:16:26 PM): how?

Nana (7:16:30 PM): i don't know

Nana (7:16:33 PM): nobody does apparently

fireflyslocket (7:16:44 PM): I've never heard of that.

Nana (7:16:48 PM): but it's like a three party im with this thing linking it

fireflyslocket (7:17:01 PM): (Accept the Spyder, btw.)

fireflyslocket (7:17:03 PM): Huh.

Nana (7:17:17 PM):

fireflyslocket (7:20:54 PM): Haha. This makes me think of the laughing man.

Nana (7:21:49 PM): say what?

fireflyslocket (7:23:03 PM):

But anyways... I was messaged by a Salmon after posting in my LiveJournal just a little bit ago. HeH. 

SadisticSalmon (6:53:01 AM): Are you willing to converse with a stranger?
fireflyslocket (6:53:27 AM): ...a stranger, you say?
SadisticSalmon (6:53:56 AM): omg lol i said yes are you
fireflyslocket (6:54:31 AM): It depends on the person. But possibly.

 Not particularly interesting, I apologize. I was just so excited, I had to post. If you actually want to get messaged by a SalmonBot you can request it. I'm actually tempted. Wouldn't it be awesome if I met Morgan this way!? (Speaking of unlikely, pfft... ~_~; ) Let me know if you try it. I've heard it can be fun.
Tags: friends, livejournal, morgan, tech

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