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September 2020 Favorites

It's another monthly favorites post! This month included a ton of gaming, a decent amount of reading, and very little editing. But I've been very inspired and writing lots of new scenes for future stories. (See my last post for a writing update.)

Here are some other things I enjoyed this month...

Deity/Covenant Series: I started the Covenant series in 2016, and was really into it, especially the relationship between Alex and Aiden. I named Aiden my favorite new character of 2016 in my year-end wrap up. But as it seems to happen for me way too often, I got distracted and didn't read past the second book until now. And oh, what I was missing! The series does have a bit of a love triangle, which is not always my favorite thing. And the end of the third book leaves you with a lot of questions. But I'm excited to read more, and hopefully, see the series through this time.

Avatar: the Last Airbender: When Avatar premiered 15 years ago, I wasn't sure what to think of it. Was it just a goofy attempt at pseudo-anime? It took until partway through Season 2 for me to start seriously watching. I can be very particular when it comes to humor in stories, but few shows balance the humor with the drama as well as Avatar, in my opinion. The characters are fantastic. The elemental "magic" has been an influence on my own. And Zuko was everything I wanted Draco to be but never was. Rewatching it has been a complete joy. Something I can say about few things these days. (Watch on Netflix.)

Spelunky 2: I thought FFVII Remake was going to be my game of the month - and I played quite a bit of that, too - but I forgot Spelunky 2 was coming out! Spelunky was a surprise favorite for me back in 2016 (is this a pattern?), after watching Patrick Klepek play it on Giant Bomb. I don't have much patience for difficult games, so I never expected it to capture my attention as much as it did. (But I have always enjoyed platformers, so maybe it does make sense.) Spelunkin' with Scoops and playing the game myself (over and over again) was a great escape for me back then. And now, I can enjoy both again.
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