Valerie Rutherford (fireflys_locket) wrote,
Valerie Rutherford

Light My Way

I was finishing up my monthly favorites post for tomorrow, and the intro made the post too long, so I thought I'd move (and expand) the writing update portion here.

This month included a ton of gaming, a decent amount of reading, and very little editing. But as usual, letting myself off the hook was exactly was I needed. My inspiration has been swirling, and I've written several new scenes for future stories, plus lots of notes for my various outlines. I've discovered new connections between stories in my universe. Which is always something I love! But even more importantly, some of those connections created meaningful character moments, in ways I never expected.

How a little note about the name of a dragon spirit from an old story turned into a deepening of character journeys in my current (and most beloved) series, I still don't understand. What I do know is that I needed the freedom and the brain space to just do nothing. To not force the creation process. I've known that - and even stated it here - several times. Yet I keep falling into the trap of trying to make my process and writing journey like "everyone else's", instead of embracing what makes my process and journey unique.

I've been feeling so creatively inspired and connected to my universe again. And it's probably been almost two years since I felt this intensely passionate about it. I've had fleeting moments of enjoying the work I was doing, but I've had to fight for them against my anxiety, depression, and fear of judgement. And I know I still will. Things are still rough. I'm dealing with a lot mentally and emotionally. And obviously, there's so much going on in the world as a whole. But finding that little spark of inspiration and letting it lead - letting it light my way - into a magical world bursting with vibrant colors and deep emotions has been everything.

So, I'll be posting a monthly favorites tomorrow with reading, gaming, and watching favs. But honestly, this reconnecting to my creativity is my absolute favorite of the month.
Tags: magic inc, wandering spirits, writing

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