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August 2020 Favorites

Well, it's monthly favorites time again. It's been a busy month, with lots of editing and other stress. I've been obsessing over various manga and anime lately. I finished the Sweet Blue Flowers manga. The Sailor Moon manga continues to be great. And the Fruits Basket manga continues to break my heart in all the best ways. I posted about a dystopian/horror anime that was a bit of love/hate for me, but definitely an obsession. I've also been playing a lot of Switch games, after picking up a new controller and some ports of popular Wii U games.

One Week Friends (Anime): This is one of those shows I loved from the very beginning. It follows a boy trying to befriend a girl who loses the memories of her friends at the beginning of each week. It's sweet and sad, and my only complaint is that, like a lot of anime, it ends too soon. But I guess I have another manga to collect!

Mystic Pop-Up Bar: This show was recommended by a friend, and while I hadn't watched a Korean Drama in some time (and only one all the way through), I got pulled in by the gifs she was sending me and all her praise for the show. And I'm so glad! This show is super cute and fun, while also having a lot of emotional and serious moments. If you're into the found family trope, with a whimsical mystical storyline, this show might be perfect for you! (Watch on Netflix.)

YouTube Favs: I've been watching more old Vlogmas videos and other vlogs from around that season (in 2018). This time, mostly Zoella and ThePatchworkNerd ones. It's funny since I usually dislike Christmas time. But I think this proves that the pressure of Christmas is what ruins it for me. I can appreciate the lights and decorations (and general festivities) if kept at enough of a distance from the anxiety and pressure to be happy. I didn't seek out Christmas 2018 videos to watch right now; I just happen to be that far behind in my Watch Later list. But I'm really enjoying them. Who would've guessed?

What were your favorites from August? Do you have any recommendations for me? Are you sad for the end of summer, or excited for autumn? Or both?
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