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July 2020 Favorites

This month has flown by. I've been focusing on taking in inspiration and surviving through my mental health struggles. And I've been enjoying so many stories in different forms this month, but I'm saving a few for when I'm further in.

Say I Love You (Manga): The anime of this manga was on a previous favorite list. It took a little longer for me to warm up to the manga - the things that bothered me a bit at the beginning of the anime seemed more pronounced and the art can sometimes look a little odd during the "funny" moments - but I'm 7 volumes in and fairly hooked into the story again. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens after the anime ends. Volumes 4 & 5 have been my favorites so far.

YouTube Favs: Whether it's the relaxing TeamSilverSpace playing Super Mario Galaxy or the chaotic Hank & Katherine Green (and sometimes friends) playing New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Mario Let's Plays have been my go-to during my current anxiety episodes. I've also been watching Jackson Bird's old Vlogmas videos, not to mention catching up on some of his other great content. He posts about trans and LGBT+ issues, if that's something you'd like to learn more about, and he tries to "waffle" weird foods in his waffle iron.

If I haven't mentioned this enough, I absolutely love music. It inspires and motivates me more than anything else. Instead of focusing on one artist, I thought I'd list out my 10 favorite songs I've been playing this month. I wrote this list before realizing there would be a clear "winner" at the end of the month. 😅

Music Favs: Aura (Anna Nalick), Playing Dead (CHVRCHES), Voices in My Head (Ashley Tisdale), Start of Time (Gabrielle Aplin), So You Say & Kissing You (Angela Via), Break My Heart & Don't Start Now (Dua Lipa), Echo (CLAVVS), Blue Fires (Delerium). And the crown jewel, Cardigan by Taylor Swift & its gorgeous music video. I'm taking my time with this album, but Cardigan enraptured me from the start.

What favorites have been getting you through hard times?
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