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Shuffle Time (May 2020)

Inspired by the latest episode of Popcorn Culture, I've decided to tell you my next 5 songs shuffled. I actually use shuffle more than playlists, and I love doing these challenges.

I would argue that my music taste is among the most random out there, but my songs didn't really show that. Basically they just tell you I'm still living in the '90s to early '00s. Which I could've just told you. I kind of wish this list was a little more random, but oh, well. I do have my preferences, I guess.

1. Brandy - Baby
2. Demi Lovato - You Don't Do It for Me Anymore
3. OneRepublic - Come Home (feat. Sara Bareilles)
4. S Club 7 - Viva la Fiesta
5. Britney Spears - (You Drive Me) Crazy
Tags: music

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