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The Worth of Art

Art is so subjective. I honestly don't think there is such a thing as "bad" art. Sure, you may find someone who is more skilled, who has put more time into it. But I think art is meant to make you feel something. And everyone reponds to it differently. Everyone is looking at that art through their own windows to the soul. With their own experiences and tastes.

You could have an amazingly detailed and realistic piece. One person looks at it and sees the work and dedication that it took to create. They feel connected to the beauty of how real it is. Someone else might find it boring. You could have an abstract piece with gorgeous colors and shapes. One person might look at it and see nothing. They don't "get" it, and just walk away. Another person might look at that art and feel incredibly moved by what they see in it. Both works are beautiful.

To me, writing is an art. Yes, there are technical aspects to it. If your work is so full of spelling and grammar errors that it trips the reader up, then they may never get the chance to see the beauty of your writing or storytelling. But I don't believe there is some "right" way to write or plot or edit. That there is some formula you need to follow or rules to adhere to. I dismiss the "need" to write what you think readers want, to use or avoid tropes, or to follow genre expectations.

That's not what writing is to me. I write to express the stories of my heart. They aren't meant to be perfectly crafted stories that everyone wants to read. They are pieces of my soul. Of my truth. I've worked very hard the last few years to make my art the best it can be for potential readers, but in the end, I'm not writing my stories for them. Not for praise or some measure of writing "craft".

Maybe you come to writing for different reasons than I do. And that's totally okay! Whatever your reasons or approach, not everyone will "get" your work. But that doesn't mean you should stop creating. You need to create for yourself. But you also never know when something you've created will resonate with someone else. It could be years from now. Or it could be tomorrow. But no matter what, I believe art is always worth it.
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