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April 2020 Favorites

It's the end of another month, and I've been struggling to concentrate on anything besides The Sims and YouTube. But here are some other favorites from the month of April.

These Things I've Done (Rebecca Phillips): It's been a while since I loved a book this much. These Things I've Done follows Dara who returns to her old school after a year away dealing with the death of her best friend, which she feels responsible for. Her return is met by a lot of stares and rumors, but the one person she expected to hate her most of all is Aubrey's brother Ethan. Dara remembers Ethan as a gawky, sweet little brother, but finds he's changed a lot while she was gone. Ethan is, understandably, a bit darkened by the experience of losing his sister, but unlike a lot of "brooding" male love interests, he's not a jerk. He is still just as sweet, if a little cooler and more grown up. And I just absolutely loved their relationship. The guilt Dara holds onto is also very relatable to me. So, let's just say, this book really got to me.

Animal Crossing: Yep, I jumped on the bandwagon. Since getting a Switch back in 2017, I've been planning to try many of the Nintendo franchises I had never played. I bought my first Pokémon game in November. And I preordered Animal Crossing, as well. I suppose you could say Animal Crossing came at just the right time to brighten up our lives. I enjoy most aspects of the game so far. It's fun to have a lighthearted game to spend an hour or so on every few days. It's a great game to play while listening to a podcast or audiobook. My only real complaint is how often I fill up my inventory. Oh, and that fact that I miss out on stuff when I play it at night. (Buy from Nintendo.)

Philosopher's Stone (Audiobook): Audible currently has Philosopher's Stone streaming for free, so I'm listening to the Stephen Fry version of the Harry Potter audiobooks for the first time. Something I've been wanting to do for ages. And this is my first experience with the British version of the books. It's been really cool to experience Harry Potter in a new way, with a different narrator and version of the book. Stephen Fry's narration is relaxing, and I enjoy catching the British-isms that were changed in the early books. Not to mention Harry Potter is a comfort I've turned to for over twenty years.

What are some things that are getting you through tough times?
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