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February 2020 Favorites

Book One is looking very good right now, but I'm waiting for my Kindle copy to update and my print proof to get here, so it's time for my monthly favorites post. I wrote most of this post before the scramble to get the book uploaded and fixed and uploaded and fixed.

Visiting Japan (Virtually): I don't enjoy traveling, but I do enjoy watching vlogs about traveling. I've been watching (and loving) the Princess Peachie Japan vlogs from 2018. She shows so many of the places I would want to see, and she edits the footage with cute video game music.

Reading: I finally finished the big edits on the new version of Magic Inc. Book One last month. And as I suspected, editing was severely impacting my desire to read in my free time. As soon as I passed my manuscript on for proofreading, I jumped back into reading for pleasure. And I love it again! It's so nice to escape into words instead of analyzing every sentence to see if it's the best it can be. Of course, this bright reading phase probably won't last long, because I'll be back to editing with Book Two soon. But for now, I'm savoring it.

Pokemon Shield: I picked this game up right at launch and was really enjoying it for about a week until my Switch got a fatal error. Weeks later, my Switch returned from Nintendo with my Pokemon save data missing from the cloud. I had to start over and slough through the parts I had just recently played, and by the time I caught up with myself, I needed a break. But I'm back enjoying the game again! This is my first main Pokemon game, so I don't (yet) know how it compares to the rest, but I'm loving the cute atmosphere. I'll probably go back to play some of the 3DS games when I'm done. (Buy from Nintendo.)

Soundscapes: We get a TV station that plays New Age music and often leave it on if no one is watching anything. (Cinnamon likes it, too!) But we've come to find that they play a lot of the same songs over and over again. So, I started my own Spotify version of the channel with some favorite songs and artists from there, and added some more modern ambient music. The playlist is heavy on Ryan Farish and Ludovico Einaudi right now, but I would love some more suggestions! (Listen on Spotify.)

The Sims 2: Just, I mean... always.
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