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January 2020 Favorites

It's a little late, but I got the sudden urge to write up a January favorites post last night. And here it is.

Riverdale: It took me way too long to begin this series. I think I heard some mixed things early on, and I can see some of the aspects that may have turned people away, but this is exactly my kind of TV show. Basically a new Pretty Little Liars, which I also got into late. And for the first time in a while, I'm all giggly about a new ship. I mean, I actually giggle when they are having a moment. Just Jughead's character, in general, really appeals to me so far. (I like sad boys, okay?) At the beginning, though, I will say I was feeling some unexpected chemistry between another couple of characters, and in some ways, I'm a little disappointed they didn't go in that direction. But I cannot deny that I fully enjoy the ship they did set up. You know, so far. I'm not even done with Season 1. (Watch on Netflix.)

Mario Kart Tour: I think the control(s) in Tour are not great. That being said, I've become pretty obsessed with this game. It's been too long since a new Mario Kart. (I played A LOT of 8 on Wii U, so I don't really count Deluxe.) But this has been curbing my craving. I actually get excited to play the new tracks every day, even though they are mostly just remixed versions of tracks I've already completed... earlier that week. Honestly, the game is not that inventive, but it's been a pleasant distraction.

Podcasts: I've enjoyed podcasts as a medium since 2005 (the prime days of Harry Potter podcasting), but since discovering that Spotify hosts most current podcasts, it's been so much easier to just pop on a podcast whenever I feel like it. That does mean audiobooks have taken a bit of a backseat for now, just like music did for them, but I think it will all even out eventually. I also discovered some new podcasts recently: Popcorn Culture, Fandom Buzzz, But is It Write, and Books Unbound.

What were your January favorites? Do you have any podcast recommendations for me?
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