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The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

*Sniff, sniff* The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is probably my new favorite anime movie. But it's so sad. Of course, I love sad, but... Why doesn't she tell him she's in love with him before he leaves!? She just let's him go... thinking she's from the future too? "I'll be waiting in the future." Ah, so sad. So lovely. *Sobs* These are the times I need Morgan the most. After getting upset like this.

Since I'm not really good at typing... ever, but especially while upset. A review. Much better said than I can at this point.

For randomness, though... Chiaki and Makoto really remind of Kai and Saya from Blood+. I thought that right away.

And such a lovely AMV. Also very good. I'm in love with the song on the second one!

Hmm... Time Waits for No One. I want to write fic on it. ~_~;

A trailer for those interested.
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