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December 2019 Favorites

The year is ending, and I have no grand accomplishments to reflect on. But it's been a while since my last monthly favorites post, so I hope you enjoy.

Princess Tutu: I watched Princess Tutu about 10 years ago and was incredibly impressed with it. A few years later, I went through it again in about 2 days. So, I knew I loved it. But it had been long enough since for me to wonder if it would still be as great as I remembered. And it was. It's hard to go into why I love it so much without spoiling, but Princess Tutu touches on fate and sacrifice and fighting for the chance for you and your loved ones to live your own life. It's cute, but dark (at times). And there's ballet. (Watch on Hulu/Prime Video)

Say I Love You: This was my first time watching this anime, and the first couple of episodes didn't totally convince me. I found the male lead to be a bit forceful with the way he pursued the main character, and I didn't love that trait being so romanticized. However, by a few episodes in, he is asking permission to kiss her and opening up about his emotions and past. And from there on, the show gets so good. It follows a lot of characters' insecurities and the dark places they can lead you. But also the characters that seem like they might fit the antagonist role, like the pretty girls who want to "steal" the love interest, are shown to be very human. And unexpected friendships are built. It's great. And I'm hoping the manga will grow on me, as well. (Watch on Hulu/CrunchyRoll.)

To All the Boys I've Loved Before (Audio): I'd already read this book in preparation for the movie in 2018, but I wanted to revisit it before reading the second book. This is such a cute story. And I really like the audiobook for this one. I'm tempted to just continue the whole series this way.

The Sims 2 (Houses): I've played a lot of The Sims 2 the last few months. Which, nothing new there. I'm perpetually stuck in 2005. I've always enjoyed playing sims as characters. And also making characters as sims. But I never enjoyed making houses. Until recently. Okay, I still don't build many houses from scratch. But I've learned a lot about expanding and/or making houses more usable. Thank you, Property Brothers!

Rest: It's been a long, rough year. And I've needed it.
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