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Progress Over Perfection

Back to it for the first time in over two weeks. I thought I was ready for it. In some ways, I was. Yesterday's work went well, but it's so hard not to get overly critical of yourself while editing. And I already find it too easy to be harsh with myself.

I keep thinking no one is ever going to care about this story but me. I've always written mostly for myself. But I edit and publish for an audience that I'm just hoping exists somewhere. I want this work to be worth it somehow.

When I started out this year I thought *for sure* I would finally be releasing my second book. Instead, I ended up going back to give my first book a new edit. Which is another project I've yet to finish. The long, painful process of getting my first book ready for rerelease has taught me that I have to accept my pace and process. I cannot handle the stress of trying to meet deadlines.

I hope everyone had a nice holiday, and if you still have some time off, please let yourself rest. You are not lazy for needing rest. It's okay if you didn't totally meet your goals for the year. Try, if you can, to focus on progress over perfection.
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