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Writing Update (June 2019)

So, I thought it was time to do a writing update for any new followers.

I am currently re-editing Magic Inc. Book One, which was first released in 2015. My original plan was just to reformat and proofread the book. But as I got further along, I realized I had developed my editing skills over the last four years. And I began to edit the book more thoroughly. It is still the same story. The plot and most of the dialogue has not changed. If you purchase the book now or have read it in the past, you'll be totally prepared for Book Two. However, I do feel that the new version will flow better, look better, and has a bit more description and clarification in some parts.

I have finished re-editing through the end of Book One and have gone back to the beginning to edit the chapters I only proofread at the start of this journey. Once this is complete, the book will go through another quick round of proofreading and be ready to go out into the world.

So, what about Book Two? Book Two is in a nearly complete state. I have a few scenes that need last minute adjustments, and I also want to give the whole book another read since it's been over six months since I finished editing. I expect this to take a lot less time than re-editing the first book which hadn't been touched in four years. Especially since I was very close to calling the last version complete.

And just as a little bonus, I wanted to inform/remind everyone that I have already started on Book Three. Before I realized I wanted to re-edit Book One, I finished the outline and began writing the third book in the series. Book Three is nowhere near the end of the story. (We're looking at ten novels at the very least.) But it is a shifting of focus from the first two books. A lot has changed for Jane by the end of Book Two. And if you weren't here to see it, writing that book was a rough journey for me, as well. Beginning Book Three opened me up again. It made me love writing again. Jane is going through a very hard time, but there is a tiny flicker of hope. Of something new. And I can't wait to get back to it.
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