Valerie Rutherford (fireflys_locket) wrote,
Valerie Rutherford

Chronic Illness

I think the combination of stress and long hours at my desk has messed my back up, and I really don't know what to do. I'm also having a really strong depressive phase. Partly from the pain. Partly from the time of year. Seasonal depression hits me more in spring/summer. And this is the time of year I have to deal with my yearly doctor appointments which are super draining.

Not to mention that my birthday is next month. Which is a really hard time of the year for me. And I'm turning thirty while still living and feeling stuck as a teenager. Anxiety is still my cage.

Apologies for making this update so negative. But I always said I'd be open about what I go through, and that means the good and the bad. Some days you're putting words together in enlightening ways, and other days you just feel stuck.

Living with chronic emotional or physical pain is constant battle. Some days you just aren't winning.
Tags: anxiety, health

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