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The Journey

As I mentioned a few days ago, I've been answering questions on Instagram about my writing and Magic Inc. I thought I'd share this post about my writing journey here.

I technically started writing at age 10 after winning second place in poetry contest we were assigned to enter at school. I wrote poetry for a few months after this, but to be honest, my heart wasn't in it. I just liked the positive attention I received from teachers and adult relatives.

I truly found my passion for writing over the following summer when I discovered Harry Potter fanfiction. I began the hilariously named HP's Crazy 7th Year, which was more focused on my own characters and elemental magic system that I'd been playing with in my head for almost two years.

This story went through many versions over the next 3 or 4 years, eventually turning into a multi-story series (including a Lily Evans based prequel) starting with Harry Potter and the Green Flame Torch. (Remember that rumored 7th book title?) These stories were full of what existed of Magic Inc. at that time, because I never intended to fully share that world. It was too personal.

Oh, how times have changed! Now, I can't imagine living a life where Magic Inc. was still a secret. When it comes to writing, the more personal it is, the more I love it. My best work is vulnerable and filled with raw emotion. And while it is still scary to share that, I don't know how to hold it in anymore.

When I got into high school, I started writing novels. My first was Dreaming in Shadow. From there, each idea I had expanded into an entire universe of connected stories. I worked on several ideas for this universe for years, while planning out many others. But things really came together when I decided to turn Magic Inc. into a series that served as the core of my world.

I've come to appreciate how each step of my writing journey led me to where I am now. I played with ideas in fanfiction that would become essential to my stories. I rewrote the beginning of Dreaming in Shadow over and over as I grew as writer. And as I re-edit Magic Inc. Book One, I'm making the beginning of my series the best it can be going forward.
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