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How I Read Tag

1. How do you find out about new books to read?

Usually YouTube and Instagram. I follow a few BookTubers and a ton of Bookstagrammers.

2. How did you get into reading?

I was one of those classic Harry Potter kids who didn't really like reading until Harry Potter. But I always liked telling stories. I used to open up picture books as a young child and make up my own stories.

3. How has your taste in books changed as you’ve gotten older?

I read (and enjoy) a lot more contemporary books than I used to. I used to think anything without some kind of fantasy element was boring. The only "realistic" fiction I liked as a teenager was The Princess Diaries and a few other Meg Cabot standalones, which always featured pretty wild situations. Then, about nine years ago, I (re)discovered Sarah Dessen, and I was hooked. I realized I care way more about the characters and relationships than the magic - something you can see in my own work time and time again.

4. How often do you buy books?

Any time there's a Book Outlet sale. But also the rare times I actually leave the house and find myself near a bookstore. And if there's anything I'm interested in during Kindle sales.

5. How did you get into BookTubing/Blogging?

I don't know if I count as a book blogger, since I talk more about writing here than reading, but I've been interested in talking about the media I love in text form for over ten years. I'm just often afraid people won't agree with or like what I have to say.

6. How do you react when you don’t like the end of a book?

This... doesn't really happen? I mean, it does... but even if an ending tears me up emotionally, I can usually understand why the author went that way. And those emotional endings are often part of why I love a book. It's pretty rare that I totally don't "get" an ending. But I like stories to end with an impact, so I'm more likely to complain about a mediocre ending than an intense one.

7. How often have you taken a sneaky look at the back page of a book to see if it’s a happy ending?

Never. I only look up endings if I'm seriously considering not continuing the book/series.
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