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Best Chances

I hope everyone is having a good Sunday. I'm still really enjoying writing Doubts. Little bits of it are still coming to me every few days, and I have to figure out where they fit best. But that makes it hard to keep posting, since I'm always wondering if I'll get something later that fits in-between other parts.

I have what I feel is most of the main story figured out. I'm mainly waiting for a scene to bridge the first section with the second. I don't want to overthink it because this story has been all about the feel. No big plots to keep track of. No side characters. Very little description. Just words shared between two passionate, nervous people in love.

Magic Inc. is coming along, too. If very slowly, in comparison. But I've been letting myself take my time and letting my creativity and inspiration lead me instead of trying (and failing) to control it by force. That means I'm focusing on a project that has my heart and soul but will probably never become a book, while slowly editing a rerelease of my first novel that I'm hoping will be a second chance for my first project of the soul to reach an audience.

Editing isn't an emotional, creative release like writing. At least, not for me. It's an exhausting, technical process for my anxious, obsessive brain. But I am trying to make my books the absolute best they can be. To give them their best chance. To give myself a second chance. I just hope it's all worth it in the end.

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