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August 2019 Favorites

I've always wanted to write a monthly favorites post but let fear hold me back. What if you don't like what I like? Will I be mocked for what I like the way I was in grade school? But you know what? The things you love often get you through some really hard times. And yes, this is going to get personal.

1. The short film Blue. I was having a particularly harsh war with my body the day I watched this movie. I have physical, mental, and emotional flaws that I often carry with me in shame. I am severely limited by my anxiety, and I've gone through some very dark periods. It's often hard to imagine someone who could love me through every physical flaw, past mistake, and disability I have. But this movie reminded me that we all have things we're ashamed of, and that being open and vulnerable is what truly connects us. (Watch on Amazon Prime.)

2. Taylor Swift's Lover album. I formed such a bond with Taylor's 1989 album, and it made her one of my favorite artists of all time. I deeply admire her lyrics and voice. And I was really excited for Lover since it seemed to have a similar vibe to 1989. My favorites so far are The Archer, Daylight, Cornelia Street, Afterglow, and Lover. (That music video!) (Listen on Spotify/Amazon/Apple.)

3. My So-Called Life. I'd never heard much about this cult classic until I found out it shared some production staff with the show Once and Again, which I watched with my Grandma. So far, I am absolutely in love with the style, the not-too-preachy lessons, and the characters. Even the episodes that haven't resonated with me as much have parts I absolutely love. I often find myself crying at the end of episodes. (Watch on Hulu.)

4. Magic Inc. This is a weird one. But after giving up on my second self-imposed deadline, I feel SO MUCH BETTER. I'm taking my time and remembering why I love this series so very much. Why the story idea has stuck with me for over twenty years. Why I've poured my soul into writing it for almost ten. It's mine, and I love it. That's enough for right now. (Follow on Goodreads.)

What are you loving right now? What's feeding your creative soul? Love what you love, and always believe in your own creative power. 💕

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