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28 May 1989
Sharon, Pennsylvania, United States
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Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry - Hogsmeade Scotland - Highland UK
St. Joseph School - Sharon PA (1994 - 2003)
Kennedy Christian High School - Hermitage PA (2003 - 2005)
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The road now leads onward, and I know not where. I feel in my heart that you will be there. Whenever a storm comes, whatever our fears, the journey goes on as your love ever nears.

Here is my heart, and I give it to you. Take me with you across this land. These are my dreams, so simple and few. Dreams we hold in the palm of our hands.


Hello, my name is Valerie Rutherford. I'm a writer, a lover, and a dreamer. I'm not like most people. I'm very sentimental and hyper-sensitive to everything. I have extreme Social Anxiety as well as Panic Disorder. And I sometimes come off as completely miserable, but my normal is just a little lower than the average person.

I write in this journal mostly for myself, but I'm a very open person, so most of my entries are not locked. I hope that by writing honestly about my real issues that if anyone does read my entries, they might feel a little more free to be themselves. But mostly, I'm just going to be me, because I can't stand living any other way.

I'm a very spiritual person, and I choose what I believe in from my heart. I believe in a benevolent power, which is loving, accepting, and forgiving. I'm a vegetarian, and I have a deep respect for life, both animal and human. I believe true love has no age, race, or gender - among other things. I believe in soulmates, and even though I haven't found mine yet, I know there has to be someone like me, who shares my deepest beliefs, out there somewhere.

My passion is writing. I've been creating songs and stories as far back as I remember. I started writing fanfiction when I was about eleven, which I still dabble in here and there. I now focus my writing in a fantasy universe I call The Timeline. My books are YA Fantasy, with a strong emphasis on characters and their relationships.

I love books, movies, manga, anime, and video games. I basically love great stories in every form. I'm exceptionally obsessed with Harry Potter, NANA, Degrassi, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and The Sims 2. I also love a wide variety of music.

Just so you know: Morgan = the name I use to refer to my romantic soulmate; Vanessa = the ego, shadow, or nagging voice, who tells me I'm not good enough; Jill = my therapist and mentor.

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